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[Quite an eyeopener.
The public call for cutting off heads must be a grave criminal
offence; yet there is hardly any report, let alone uproar, on that.]


PM exploring solution for Ayodhya issue: Sankaracharya
By Jyoti Punwani, Mumbai Mirror | Dec 15, 2014, 08.39 AM IST

Does PM Narendra Modi have a plan for the construction of a Ram mandir
in Ayodhya? If the Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati of the Kanchi
Kamakoti Peetham is to be believed, the PM is in touch with Muslims to
build the temple on the disputed site and also a mosque one kilometre

Addressing the Vishwa Hindu Parishad's first Virat Hindu Sammelan in
Mumbai, the swami said it was good to take Muslims along on this issue
keeping in mind that all parties concerned have their prestige at
stake. "Modi is a good man and enjoys the people's trust. All Hindus
should unite and support him on this," said the swami, and the
response from the audience was lukewarm.

***In contrast, they responded enthusiastically to the inflammatory
speech by the diminutive young Sadhvi Saraswati from Madhya Pradesh.
Asking Hindus to wage war, she said that December 6, which the VHP has
declared to be 'shaurya diwas', (Bravery Day - the day on which the
VHP demolished the Babri Masjid), should be observed by *cutting off
the heads* of traitors.***  [Emphasis added.]

Describing the Owaisi brothers from Hyderabad and the Imam Bukhari as
"Geedar (vulture) ki aulad" and barking dogs, she questioned their
loyalty to the country. The recurring themes of the sammelan, held at
the sprawling MMRDA ground at BKC, were cow protection, love jihad,
the Ram mandir, religious conversion and the fall in the global Hindu
population. ***Speaker after speaker asserted that the entire world -
Africa, Arabia, Australia, Russia - was Hindu*** [emphasis added]. But
now just 100 crore Hindus were left across the world and the VHP was
their armour.

The claim that the entire world was Hindu and it is just that they
have forgotten this was made repeatedly. Russia was specifically
referred to. Russia was originally Rishangaha, the abode of rishis,
said one speaker. It was thus a Hindu Rashtra. ***It is the duty of
Hindus now to make Russians Hindus, said one speaker*** [emphasis
added]. ***Exhorting the audience to give up Lux and Liril and switch
to 'go mutra' shampoo and soap, Pravin Togadia said*** [emphasis
added] the sale of products made from cows urine would enable farmers
to become so rich that they wouldn't have to sell their cows once they
stopped giving milk. Outside the venue were shops selling these
products, marked as 'gou brand.'

Among the demands made by the speakers, who included Jain munis and
Buddhist monks, was banning pornography to prevent rape, and the
***enactment of a law that no marriage could take place without
parental permission*** [emphasis added]. This would solve the problem
of 'love jihad', they said. The need for Hindus to unite and give up
caste differences was emphasised by every speaker.

A large section of those who had come were followers of Swami Narendra
Acharya of Ratnagiri. Accordingly, he was the last speaker. A surprise
entrant on stage was Laxmi [Tripathi], the transgender rights
activist, who tied a rakhi on Pravin Togadia's wrist.


Vishwa Hindu Parishad leaders want whole world converted to Hinduism

Monday, 15 December 2014 - 7:30am IST | Agency: dna

Dhaval Kulkarni

Stressing India's identity as a Hindu rashtra, calling for a law
against conversions, construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya,
culling "gaddars" (traitors), scoffing at Mahatma Gandhi's leadership
of the freedom movement, fears of Hindus being under threat,
preventing cow slaughter and ensuring that the entire world was
converted to Hinduism -- these were some themes that found prominence
in the Vishwa Hindu Parishad's (VHP) 'Virat Hindu' sammelan in Mumbai
on Sunday as Hindutva demagogues and religious leaders addressed the

RSS sahkaryavah (joint general secretary) Dattatreya Hosabale, VHP
international working president Dr Pravin Togadia and senior leader
Ashok Singhal, Kanchi mutt pontiff Jayendra Saraswathi, Narendra
Maharaj of Nanij and Buddhist and Jain religious leaders were present.

"If conversions are wrong, then why is no law against conversions
passed in Parliament? We will not allow the conversion of Hindus,"
said Togadia, with posters of the proposed Ram Temple and Lord Krishna
driving Arjuna's chariot in the background. Lashing out at subsidies
for Haj pilgrims, he called on Hindus to follow religious practices,
befriend at least one Dalit or adivasi family, help poor Hindus, unite
against conversions and cow slaughter, not follow untouchability and
use soaps and shampoos made from cow urine and dung. "Bharat Hindu
Rashtra hai, yahi hamara nara hai," said Togadia, while the crowd
repeated the slogan after him.

Togadia claimed that earlier, even Arabia, Africa, Europe were Hindu
areas, and the number of Hindus which once stood at 700 crore had
shrunk to just 100 crore now. "Hindus numbered 30% in Bangladesh, but
are just 8% now. In Pakistan, Hindus were 10% but are just 1%," he
said, pointing to how the Kashmir valley had been cleansed of Hindus.

Togadia warned that while 82% of India comprised of Hindus, if they
were not alert, their numbers would shrink to half after decades and
said that "200 crore hands of Hindus" should rise up to protect their
co-religionists. "The Ram Mandir will be constructed, even if anyone
wants it or not," said Togadia, while calling for stopping cow
slaughter and conversions.

Narendra Maharaj claimed that Hindus were under threat in India with
laws like that against superstitions targeted against them.

Pointing out that December 6, when Hindutva storm troopers had felled
the Babri masjid at Ayodhya, was celebrated as "Shaurya Diwas,"
***firebrand Sadhvi Saraswati said the proper way to celebrate this
was not by unfurling flags but through each Hindu cutting the head of
at least one "gaddar" (traitor)*** [emphasis added].

Lashing out at the hardline Owaisi brothers who head the AIMIM,
Saraswati spoke on the alleged 'Love Jihad' campaign to "misguide" the
"girls of Bharat" to reduce the numbers of Hindus and increase those
of Muslims.

"History is witness to the fact that where the number of Hindus goes
down, that part of the country is separated from it," she warned,
while scoffing at claims that the Mahatma had ensured freedom from the

Kamal Lochan Das of ISKCON said the deep meaning of the name of the
VHP was that they wanted to ensure that the entire world became Hindu.
He claimed that the name of Russia was derived from the penance of
'Rishis' there. "Isnt Russia a Hindu Rashtra?" questioned the
religious leader, while calling for Hindus to work till the entire
world became a "Hindu Rashtra."

The Kanchi pontiff lauded prime minister Narendra Modi as a "good man"
and called for the construction of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya. Warkari
sect leader Bhaskargiri Maharaj said earlier, the sentiments of Hindus
had been trampled upon.

Jain muni Vinamsagarji Maharaj warned of the consequences of taking on
Hindus and called for those who had been converted to other faiths to
be reverted back to Hinduism.

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