Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It is the Right and the Duty of every citizen above the age of 18 years to exercise his/her vote. Here are some pointers which may be helpful :


Ø if you are above 18 years and a citizen of India, you must have your name on the Electoral Roll (ER).

Ø it is a basic identity for an adult citizen of India

Ø check immediately whether your name is on the ER (at your Taluka Office / Collector's Office / the local branch Office of a National political party).

Ø for inclusion of ones name on the ER, you will have to fill Form 6.

Ø ask the concerned officer on what date you should return to check whether your name is in the ER or not.

Ø for any objection on inclusion of name / s, you will have to fill Form 7.

Ø for correction of entries in the Electoral Rolls you will have to fill Form 8.

Ø please feel free to write your complaints to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Gujarat and to the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Delhi

Ø always retain copies of your application / letters, signed by the receiving officer, for further reference.

Ø ensure that you have the Elector's Photo Identity Card (EPIC). (For the present, you may be required to provide your own Passport Photos in order to receive an EPIC).


Ø get involved in mainstream politics.

Ø encourage / support political parties which focus on governance and on issues related to transparency, human rights, justice and peace.

Ø check out about the candidates, the parties wish to nominate for a particular seat.

Ø organize public debates / dialogues with them and assess their views / opinions / promises

Ø study their Election Manifesto of the previous elections and, based on this manifesto, check out whether the ruling party / sitting candidate has fulfilled the promises made.

Ø assess their views on vulnerable groups like the tribals, dalits, women, minorities and also on critical subjects like water, education, food, security, environment, employment, agriculture, health and globalization.


Ø cast your vote.

Ø encourage all others to cast their votes too.

Ø vote for a party / individual that is not corrupt, criminal, casteist and / or communal

Ø if you notice any bogus voting, rigging or booth capturing, bring it to the notice of the police / election officers immediately and preferably in writing.


Ø find out the details of your elected representative (name, address, telephone / fax nos., email, etc.

Ø arrange that organizations, villages / groups invite the person to share his / her views about the area for the next five years.

Ø ensure that you keep in touch with him / her constantly.

Ø remember that they have budgetary allocations for their constituency; find out for what programmes the money is being utilized.

Ø insist that your views / concerns are voiced in the assembly / parliament.

Ø remind the representative that as a voter you have a right to recall, or to ask for his / her resignation.


Ø any concern / complaint in the context of the electoral rolls must be sent in writing (registered post / courier) immediately to : The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Election Commission, General Administration Department, Block No. 7, II Floor, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar 382 010
[ Tel.: (079) 23250316 / 23250318 Fax: (079) 23250317 ]
email: ;

Ø serious concerns like the disenfranchisement of a whole community / village must also be brought to the notice of : The Chief Election Commissioner of India, Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110 001
[ Tel.: (011) 23717391 - 98 Fax : (011) 23713412 email : ]

Ø the above two may also be informed about any irregularities regarding the elections.

Ø The Election Commission of India also has a website : Please visit it very specially "A GUIDE FOR VOTERS"

Ø use "The Right to Information Act" – to get essential information.

Ø contact "PRASHANT" for further information / assistance.

Issued by :

PRASHANT (Centre for Human Right, Justice and Peace)
Near Kamdhenu Hall, Drive-in Road, Ahmedabad 380 052
Tel.: (079) 66522333 / 27455913
Fax : (079) 27489018

(September 2007)

(This is used in Public Interest to promote and safeguard our Constitutional Rights and Obligations. Kindly circulate this as widely as possible)