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State level 2 days’ People’s Convention brings together poor & marginalized


State level 2 days’ People’s Convention brings together poor & marginalized

Bilkul News, Ahmedabad, Feb 7: A State Level People’s Convention is being held in Ahmedabad on February 7th and 8th. 
Hundreds of women from all over rural and urban Gujarat attended the first day convention. Most of them are local leaders who are very concerned about the reality which grips their communities; the growing disparity and the fact that the poor and the marginalised continue to be subject to deprivation from various vested interests.
"Chaalo Lokshahi melaviye"(Come let us ensure People's Rule:Democracy")is the theme of the Convention.
Speaking on the occasion, Fr. Francis G Parmar SJ highlighted the indispensable pillars of a healthy democracy. He appealed to the representatives of various organisations to make sure that they should unite, be strong and clear to walk on a clear path to achieve a set goal. He also pointed out that without struggling and resisting for the right cause with the right attitude one can not find the way to live with full dignity and honour, despite lacking something or the to her. But, primarily, to have honour and self-esteem, dignity and pride of being a human is foremost for a citizen of a country like ours.
The Convention began on Saturday with an inaugural programme which will last for about two hours.
Folk and tribal songs, plays and interactive sessions between members of various groups of rural and semi urban pockets of Gujarat made the evening not only a memorable to take away strong message to improve one’s life and seek justice but also some lighter moments and a platform for many to show their sensitivity and creative passion and skill.   
 The second day’s programme (February 8th) will begin at 8.30 am. 
The highlight of the second day will be a Public People’s hearing on various issues that affect the poor of the State; these include the rights to forests, water and land, the situation of the slum-dwellers, of the dalits and the adivasis; PESA and committees under the Panchayats
 The Convention will be addressed by several eminent personalities which include Girish Patel,  Sudarshan Iyengar, Trupti Shah and  Rohit Prajapati.
This People’s Convention is being held under the aegis of PEOPLESJ (Promoting Effective Organisations, People’s Leadership forEquity, Solidarity & Justice) which is an initiative of JESA-Gujarat.
 People with interest of sharing their views and to understand and support others’ views areall welcome at  St. Xavier’s School, Loyola Hall, Memnagar, Ahmedabad to attend the second day sessions.


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