Thursday, March 07, 2013

To ALL the Women in MY LIFE ..on INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY 2013!!!!

8th March, 2013

I believe that Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special Days like International Women’s Day are gifts from God to all of us, to reflect on God’s Plan for our lives….and

On International Women’s Day 2013, I fervently pray that:

You take time off to smell the roses; enjoy your family and convert your dreams into reality.

You always be true to yourself, your beliefs, your values and your aspirations.  You always respect others, but not so much that you have none left for yourself.

You extract the most, and the best value from every day; each day reminding yourself that it could possibly be your last.

You always make time to renew yourself – intellectually, physically and spiritually.  Do not be so busy driving, that you do not take time to fill-in fuel.

You always reject limitations, remembering that the most melodious music and the greatest literary masterpieces were created with just 8 notes of music and 26 letters of the alphabet.

You paint a picture of yourself that you always feel proud to hang on your wall.

You never give the power of your life to anyone else; you have unshakeable faith in yourself and your tremendous potential.

Always feel special, unique, on top of the world…..… 
                               it is your day…………and your life!!
(the ABOVE is NOT ORIGINAL ..but voices my sentiments too)

Cedric sj

Fr. Cedric Prakash sj
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