Friday, March 29, 2013

A Reflection on GOOD FRIDAY!!!


Do not let our hope be stolen!
How many wounds are inflicted upon humanity by evil!
Wars, violence, economic conflicts that hit the weakest, greed for money,
Love of power, corruption, divisions,
crimes against human life and against creation!
Our personal sins: our failures in love and respect towards God,
towards our neighbour and towards the whole of creation.
Jesus on the Cross feels the whole weight of the evil,
and with the force of God's love he conquers it,
he defeats it with his resurrection.
Dear friends, we can all conquer the evil that is in us and in the world,
with Christ, with the force of good!
Do we feel weak, inadequate, powerless?
But God is not looking for powerful means,
it is through the Cross that he has conquered evil!
We must not believe the Evil One when he tells us,
you can do nothing to counter violence, corruption, injustice, your sins!
We must never grow accustomed to evil!
With Christ we can transform ourselves and the world.
We must bear the victory of Christ's Cross to everyone everywhere,
we must bear this great love of God.
And this requires all of us not to be afraid to step outside ourselves,
to reach out to others.

Pope Francis

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