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Statement on 'the Tenth Anniversary of the Gujarat Genocide'



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Today, February 27th completes full ten years of one of the bloodiest chapters of post-independent India: the Gujarat Genocide of 2002. 


Plenty has happened during these past years. Victim-survivors all over the State and those who accompany them, continue in their pursuit for justice.  It has been a long-haul.  There have been some landmark judgements, pronouncements, and even convictions, which definitely point to the right direction; but on the whole, the wheels of justice grind very slowly.


All these years, there has not been the slightest hint or trace of remorse from those who control the lives and destinies of people.  Realisation and repentance are the first steps towards normalisation and for enduring peace.  To the contrary: minorities in the State are still treated like second-class citizens and a good section of them are confined to ghettos without even basic amenities.


Above all, meticulous and manipulative efforts are made on all fronts, to subvert the cause of justice and prevent the whole truth from emerging. 


It is hoped that at least on this tenth anniversary, we will awake to a reality based on the vision handed down to us by the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi (a son-of-the-soil) that is the twin doctrine of 'satyagraha' and 'ahimsa'.


May the people of Gujarat see a new beginning from today based on truth, justice, equity and peace for all!




Fr. Cedric Prakash sj





27th February, 2012


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