Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Cumbharjua candidate Fr Bismarque Dias unfolds his Kindness Manifesto

Cumbharjua candidate Fr Bismarque Dias unfolds his "Kindness Manifesto"

This MANIFESTO is unique. Not just because the candidate Bismarque Dias is a Roman Catholic priest who was reading for a doctorate and got sidetracked into social activism. Not even because he is now standing from Cumbharjua, the constituency that includes the World Heritage Site of Old Goa. Definitely not because this is the domain of Pandurang Madkaikar, big builder and sand miner.

We are reproducing this manifesto verbatim because it is the first of its kind in Goa and possibly the world, where the political candidate standing for election apologizes on behalf of all adults, to the youth of today for having squandered their birthright. The manifesto of Fr Bismarque Dias is reproduced here:

"I confess and apologize on behalf of all the adults of the world for our wrongdoings to all the precious children and our beautiful home, earth.

When you were hungry, instead of organic gaunti food, we gave you junk food.

When you were thirsty, instead of water, we gave you Coke and destroyed your health.

When you needed a hug, instead of love, we showered you with material gifts.

When you yearned for our presence, instead of our time, we gave you television and computer games.

When you were eager to learn, instead of being examples, we gave you book knowledge and called that education.

When you wanted to explore the world, instead of walking by your side, we gave you cars and bikes.

When you looked forward to meeting your friends and relatives, instead of visiting them we gave you mobiles.

When you wanted to excel instead of co-operation, we gave you competition.

When you tried to succeed honestly, instead of encouraging you, we taught you to bribe.

When you wanted a cool atmosphere, instead of providing shade, we cut trees and gave you airconditioners.

When you looked for a better future, instead of good leaders, we took money for votes and gave you corrupt leaders.

When you sought your right to live freely, instead of a home and land, we put you in concrete boxes.


When you were looking for fulfillment, instead of satisfying your needs, we multiplied your wants and encouraged your greed.

I am extremely sorry.

I believe the cry of the earth is also the cry of our beautiful children

I commit today, to do whatever I can to give you what my ancestors gave me:

A Healthy Earth.

I know I will pass this beautiful planet only once so, be kind, live kind. Be kindness, live kindness.

Be kind to yourself and you will be kind to others.

Be kind to yourself and you will be kind to a tree.

Together we can make a difference.

This is my pledge to you � my Kindness Manifesto

Bismarque Dias"

This is a candidate with a difference in every sense of the word. His opponents have already attacked his family residence at St Estevam, and terrorized his family. They know this wiry jeans and t-shirt clad young priest with his trademark stance of walking into a strong wind, his knapsack on his back, is making huge inroads into their vote banks. He is not buying votes. Bismarque Dias is telling them to not just look inward but to look to future generations. He tells people not to look at their petty gains, but to look at the future of Goa itself. This is making his opponents very nervous. [targetgoa.com]

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