Tuesday, September 16, 2014

AHMEDABAD TONIGHT September 16th 2014 22.00 hrs


September  16th 2014  22.00 hrs

Want to know what a POLICE STATE looks like??

Come to Ahmedabad tonight!Thousands of police everywhere! Some just sitting idle-huddled up in groups , not knowing what to do."Really do not know what we are supposed to do", one of them very honestly told me this evening. Others know how to throw their weight around- questioning innocent passer-bys and harassing residents who live in the societies all around. 

In many parts of the city traffic is at a snarls pace- 

THE COMMON MAN is inconvenienced greatly..

The poor are roped in to sweep the dirt (under the carpets) and to WHITE-WASH as much as possible and as FAST as possible!

The SLUMS they live in without access to the basic amenities of life are covered with HUGE BANNERS. After ALL NO ONE SHOULD KNOW or SEE THE TRUTH OF GUJARAT -just as they do so in CHINA! 

There is however a GREAT COMMONALITY (or EXCEPTIONAL SYNERGY????) which is TIANANMEN 1989 and GUJARAT 2002!!!

We surely DO UNDERSTAND the BONDING...!!! 

Don't worry guys inspite of the GREAT TAMASHA and the WOOL OVER THE EYES of many- TRUTH and JUSTICE will ultimately catch up and WILL TRIUMPH!!!

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Sebastianos said...

What kind a "human person" is the policeman in India? They have POWER to hit. I mean that a polceman did not know what kind "job" he is involved. The Police is an institution, it is like an angry dog ready to bit the poors. The police is under the Power, I mean the politicians.

Seppo from Finland