Friday, January 25, 2013

National Voters’ Day(January 25th 2013)

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Dear Friends,

Today the country observes National Voters’ Day. A day dedicated to encourage more and more people - very particularly the young - to participate in the electoral process -which is key to a vibrant democracy. 

It is therefore significant that there were fairly large turnouts in the recently concluded State Elections, which does speak well for our democracy.

However, we are also aware there are large numbers of people who do not have their name on the Electoral Rolls.  Besides on the dates of elections, several of those who had their Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC), found to their dismay that their names were deleted from the rolls!!

We, therefore urge you:

·        to ensure that your name is on the electoral roll
·        to make sure that all details regarding your name, address, age are correct
·        to begin the process of entering your name / correcting discrepancies immediately
·        to visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat which is
·        to ensure your name is on the on-line electoral rolls
·        to be aware that ONLY if your name is on these rolls, then your EPIC is valid
·        to choose the appropriate application form, fill it online and submit it, for registrations / corrections etc
·        to print out a copy of the filled application form for yourself and to follow it up
·        to contact your District helpline no. if you have any problem

Should you need further clarifications or help, do contact us by email.

Finally, do ensure that you have your name on the Electoral Rolls by September 30th, 2013.

Warm wishes and prayers,

Fr. Cedric Prakash sj

25th January, 2013

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