Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Statement on sentences awarded for Godhra train burning - March 1st, 2011

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                                                                   STATEMENT ON SENTENCES AWARDED FOR GODHRA TRAIN BURNING


The decision of the Sessions Court at the Sabarmati Central Jail in Ahmedabad to award the death sentence to 11 persons and a life term to 20 others convicted for the burning of the train at Godhra, is to say the least, simply outrageous and shocking!

The Judgment, delivered a few days ago, spoke about a "criminal conspiracy".  However, there is practically no evidence to substantiate this theory.  Besides, the so-called 'key conspirator' was among the 63 acquitted, which obviously adds to the hollowness of the 'conspiracy'.

The verdict and the sentences given, are undeniably, a travesty of justice.  Going by pure logic, will an even more serious punishment await those who were responsible for the bloodbath that followed the burning of the train?



Fr. Cedric Prakash sj



1st March, 2011


Christopher Pereira said...

Congratulations. Keep up the Good Work.
There is one more Judge who see's all.
Justice will prevail we just need to get more believers.


rev father,

i am disappointed to read that you find the judgment 'outrageous and shocking' just because some of those who are proved guilty of the heinous crime got gallows !

do you mean to say actual act of killing the 'kar sevaks' by burning the train bogey they were traveling in should go unpunished, just because the 'so-called kingpin of the conspiracy' is released on account of insufficient proof?

you mean to say 'kar sevaks' are not human beings and do not come in the purview of the 'human rights center' you are heading?

this bias perhaps make Koshys comment the way they did on the previous post.

Joseph koshy said...

bravo dear Br Nirav Patel,

i consciously tried not to comment first thinking myself resigned to the fate that thoughts of our dear human right activist brother is bound to no change. as there is saying...

Meru dage pan man na dage. and he is indeed following it religiously...in the name of religion...

still i m not losing hope,,,,,
but one thing which should always be upheld...
truth is one and only. there is no alternative of truth other then falsehood.

what is projected here is Muslim version of truth( as if there is another hindu version of truth!!!)... and once again i would like to reiterate the same thing..those who r shouting this (alternative truth!!!!!) deep into their consciousness are aware of the very fact and truth, then why becoming so inhuman....

and about this Kingshuk Nag... he is a resident editor of TOI in its hyderabad edition(during Godhra he was serving ahmedabad and indeed served us with his cooked-up stories) and it is a minor assignment compared to his more famous political inclination towards CONGESS for which he remained in news for a while. and it is truly death of journalism where ur duty is to serve the society with unbiased picture ,not pasting ur own mentality on people but giving them a fair chance to think and judge by themselves and still that person talks "I did not believe...2002..." but such personal belief has no stand in judicial proceedings. in this way i can also start believing ".........", but all these thing are just to console ur purpose and nothing else.

it is equally not surprising that people like Gunvant Shah who r indeed serving the society with their insiteful thinking will never find mention here, only because "their mentality is not alligned with ours".

i will like to remind what JESUS said:" I am the truth, and the way , and the life" so keep hope and pray for humanity.

India will always remain singular with its plurality, what is left for us is to allign ourselves with the truth.