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MEMORANDUM To PM Concerned Citizens of Gujarat for Prosecution of architect of demolition Of Babri Masjid


Movement for Secular Democracy

C/o Narmad- Meghani Library, Natraj Railway Crossing, Meethakhali, Ahmedabad- 380006

Ph.No- 079 26404418


Date- 5-12-09



Subject- Concerned Citizens of Gujarat for Prosecution of architect of

 demolition Of Babri



Mr. Manmohan Singh,

The Prime Minister of India,

New Delhi.




After 17 long years and over 4000 hearings  Justice  Liberhan has submitted his  report on the demolition of Babri Masjid and it  has been placed  on the table of  the House of the Parliament  The report has named  68  important figures responsible for the demolition. It is a matter of concern that  as there is no specific  measures mentioned in  the Action Taken Report(ATR) which was  placed before the house of Parliament  has  encouraged  the architects of  demolition of  Babri  to vilify the atmosphere of the country taking advantage of the non  prosecution.


The central thrust of the report expose   the shameless betrayal and desecration   of the Constitution and it's basic Principles by the major ruling parties and cannot be ignored  or put aside by legal squabbling and finding some loop holes here and there.


 As they say justice delayed is justice denied. However, even after this long wait those indicted by the  Commission's findings are , duly  prosecuted and punished, it will be a great , though belated service to our  wounded nation and it's torn secular fabric.

We the concerned citizens of Gujarat urge you to take immediate steps in this regard and hand over the case to CBI and open Fast track Courts with out delay to bring a logical end to years long judicial feud.


 Thanking You


 Prakash N. Shah,


Movement for Secular Democracy

Date- 5-12-09

The Signatures of the concerned leading citizens


Mr. Chunibhai Vaidya

Ms. Ilaben Pathak

Ms. Mallika Sarabhai

Mr. Girish Patel

Mr. Mukul Sinha

Dr. J. Bandukwala

Mr. Gautam Thaker

Mr. Rajni Dave

Mr. Indukumar Jani

Mr. Uttam Parmar

Fr. Cedric Prakash

Mr. Harinesh Pandya

Mr. Digant Oza

Mr. Manishi Jani

Mr. Dhiru Mistry

Mr. Mansoor Saleri

Mr. Rohit Shukla

Mr. Jagdish Shah

Ms. Saroop Dhruv

Mr. Hiren Gandhi

Mr. Chinu Shrinivasan

Mr. Dankesh Oza

Mr. Mahadev Vidrohi

Mr. Dilip Chandulal

Mr. Johannes Manjrekar

Mr. Bharat Mehta

Ms. Renu Khanna

Mr. Poonjabhai A. Patel

Mr. Ratilal Desai

Mr. Chandrakant Nai

Mr. Ratilal Dave

Mr. Chandrakant M. Trivedi

Mr. Omprakash Giri

Mr. Bharatsinh Zala

Mr. Ganpatbhai Rathod

Mr. Amrish Patel

Mr. Prafull Desai

Mr. Rahul Mehta

Mr. Pravin Pandya

Mr. Ashok Gupta

Mr. Soukat Ali Indori

Mr. Ishaq Chinwala

Mr. Vinod Pandya

Mr. Babubhai Desai

Mr. Kishorebhai Desai

Mr. Jagdish Patel

Ms. Damayantiben Parekh

Ms. Meenakshi Joshi

Mr. Jayesh Patel

Mr. Tapan Dasgupta

Mr. Mukesh Semwal

Ms. Bharti Parmar

Mr. Bhavik Raja

Mr. Satyendra Singh

Mr. Dwarikanath Rath





Copy - 

Mr. P.Chidambaram,

Union HomeMinister of  India, New Delhi.


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