Saturday, March 22, 2014

The fear of a Hindu by PRABHAKAR TIMBLE (March 21st 2014)

                                     The fear of a Hindu
                                                                                                             PRABHAKAR TIMBLE
Though I do not share all the observations of the Ahmedabad based Fr. Cedric Prakash, I tend to agree on two counts. No model of development attributable to Narendra Modi can be discerned. Modi’s regime has provided a field day to selective investors and corporates. This is what is show-cased as good governance and shining Gujarat. The social indicators are lower as compared to other States. It is not that Gujarat has not shown growth. However, other States of India have shown a much higher rate of growth than Gujarat in Gross Domestic Product and Human Development Index. Hence, the Modi model of development cannot set an example to the nation. His centralised approach to administration and the mind-set for democratic and constitutional values are not conducive for Hamara Sabka Bharat.
As one born to Hindu parents, my concern is also of Hindus losing their freedoms. Fr. Cedric Prakash observes that minorities and marginalised live in fear as any dissent, opposition or alternatives are crushed. It is not that people of the majority community do not bear the brunt of terror. Hindus who treasure democracy, tolerance, harmony and freedom of expression also conduct themselves in fright and panic. Once the democratic institutions go into the hands of fundamentalist forces, the dangers and losses are for all, not merely the minorities. If Hindus like me feel that Hindu communalism will provide gains to Hindus, we are living in a fool’s paradise. The pain and agony of the majority community would be more than the minority simply because of demographic numbers.
If we talk of corruption, it is common to all political parties, not the Congress alone. The BJP spending itself demonstrates it and for 2014 there should be no hesitation that BJP stands first as the gainer of funds from Indian corporates and outside. The Modi-led BJP is also corrupted by vengeance, arrogance and contempt for democratic institutions. Do we need to travel to Gujarat to see this? Have we not seen it in Goa? 

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