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The people of Karnataka have done India proud! By decimating the BJP at the hustings, they have clearly demonstrated that the fundamental principles of the Constitution of India: Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity can never be sacrificed at the altar of an ideology which is fascist - based on hate and divisiveness.

Apart from the fact that the BJP suffered from internal squabbles and was steeped in corruption of immense proportion, one cannot overlook the fact that the minorities in the State were systematically targeted these past years.

Anti-people laws which went against the livelihood of people, the ascent of a “moral brigade” who decided on what people should do and what they should not, were among other issues which were not taken too kindly by the people of Karnataka.

Modi was expected to be the trump-card of the BJP but since there were clear indicators that the battleground was not too favourable for the BJP (and he usually goes only where he can fool people or is sure of victory), he campaigned in just three constituencies all of which met with disastrous results for his party!

The half-truths and the lies which he foisted on people and very particularly about the so-called “development model” of Gujarat which is only pro-rich and pro-vested interests, did not cut ice with the people who went to hear him. When the social indicators of Gujarat State are far below  several other States in the country; where a ‘Freedom of Religion Law’ contravenes Article 25 of the Constitution and where in Modi’s own constituency, Maninagar, right-wing Hindu elements have decided that from 2015, the State of Gujarat will become a “Hindu State”, there is precious little that the thinking citizen of the country can really expect, from such a person.

The people of Karnataka have also sent a strong message to the Congress who, at this moment, are also riddled with scams, corruption, indecisiveness and an arrogance which seems to permeate different levels. They have been given yet another chance; so they need to get their house in order as soon as possible in Karnataka, otherwise the same fate of the BJP awaits them.

This is also a timely warning for political parties of all hues who continue to rough-shod the people of the country: parliament has been disrupted, important bills have not been passed and the tax-payer is expected to meet the expenses of these so-called law-makers!

The people of Karnataka have today given a clarion call, ‘do not take, we the people, for granted!’

Fr. Cedric Prakash sj

8th May, 2013


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