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Tomorrow(Feb 14th 2013) ONE BILLION RISING!....JOIN IN!!!

            Dear Friends,

Tomorrow (Februarry 14th 2013) will indeed be a historic day for the millions all over will come out in a totally apolitical event to say STOP to the violence against women! Do visit for complete details and updates!

Gujarat has witnessed terrible crimes against women!The horror tales of the Gujarat Carnage of 2002 will make any sensitive human being hang one's head in shame...Day-in-and-day -out we hear of all kinds of crimes and violence against women...

There are several programmes being organised ALL over the State tomorrow as part of OBR ..

We are partners in the Ahmedabad initiative  
        called AHMEDABAD RISING( if it is convenient,do join in
          (details below)....Or do join in any other event, wherever you are.... Or ORGANISE one yourself...

But DO NOT BE SILENTGet INVOLVED ..Let your VOICE BE HEARD...This is the LEAST we owe to the victims of violence and to the generations that will follow us.......

Do forward/share this with others too...Thanks

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Dear Fr. Cedric Prakash,
On the 14th of February 2013, people across the world, in 184 countries, are going to raise their voices by rising and dancing to say ENOUGH to violence against women. The project is called OBR – One Billion Rising. Recent events in India and the continuing rise and horrifying violence in crimes against women have shown us that all of us have to actively campaign against, and intervene to stop these crimes. We can no longer silently disapprove. We need to shout against it, guard against it., together.
 And now this opportunity has appeared in the form of OBR. We want 20,000 Ahmedabadis to dance the garba and ras together on February 14th, to songs specially created to highlight these issues, and to pledge together to fight and report any form of violence against women that they see or encounter, and that they will not indulge in it. Why garba and ras? This is Gujarat. This is a state that spends nine nights dancing. And the call is to dance against violence. So, what better than garba or ras? This is also a state which has many villages and communities without girls, a state where hundreds of young girls and girl children are abducted and never found, where women burn because of dowries, where rape and molestation is on the rapid rise.
 We all need to come together on this, put aside our differences and commercial interests, our competition and personal interest and join hands to raise a loud and clear voice.  We shall find a gathering place. We will ask artists to write and create the songs for us. And together we will dance – for all the girls not allowed to be born, for our sisters and mothers with acid on their faces, burns on their bodies, and bruises on their souls. It doesn’t matter if you can dance or not. This isn’t about skills. It is about heart and raising a voice against genocide.
 We invite you and all your colleagues to take part and join with us. All we need is two hours of yours on the 14th and a change of conscience. If you wish, we can come and explain this to all your colleagues. Or you can talk to all of them. We must have the numbers to raise our voices.
In anticipation,

Mallika Sarabhai
+91 79 27550010

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