Friday, September 14, 2012

An Appeal by Concerned Citizens of Gujarat

An Appeal by Concerned Citizens of Gujarat

We, Concerned Citizens of Gujarat, would like to express our dismay and serious concern of some recent happenings in our State.

The frequent advertisements,(the Centre “slapping”-thappad-the State) both in the electronic and print media by the Gujarat State, (as part of its political campaign) against the Central Government, is  likely to generate a culture of violence.

These advertisements are viewed / heard / read not only by adults but also by children who view them as part of the entertainment serials on the local TV channels.

We do not wish to comment on the merits of the issues raised by these advertisements which  are part of the dynamics of the Centre- State relations, in our federal polity and can always be discussed in a rational manner.

These however, should not be propagated in an aggresive way which goes against the culture and ethic of a democracy like India.

We strongly appeal to all those connected with these advertisements to withdraw them immediately and to desist from such violent propaganda henceforth.

We also sincerely request the publicity agents, the media managers, and the Election Commission officials to give serious thought to the media ethics involved in such advertisements.

Signed by:
1. Professor A.M.Shah (Formerly Professor of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics)
2. Professor P.J. Patel (Former Vice Chancellor Sardar Vallabh Vidyanagar University)
3. Professor J.S. Bandukwala (Former Professor of M.S. University Vadodara)
4. Professor N.R. Sheth (Former Chairman of Indian Institute of Managaement, Ahmedabad)
5. Fr. Cedric Prakash (Director, PRASHANT,Centre for Human Rights, Ahmedabad)
6. Professor Lancy Lobo (Director, Centre for Culture and Development, Vadodara)
7. Professor  Biswaroop Das ( Centre for Social Studies, Surat)
8. Mr Achuyt Yagnik (Director SETU,Centre for Knowledge and Action, Ahmedabad)

                                                                                                                                 14thSeptember  2012
Cell: 9824034536


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha.... Are you guys hallucinating?

Oh... My My... Modi ads says Center gave a thappad and that will promote culture of violence. Oh no! wussies...

Sonia calls Merchants of Death, 24x7 Hindu bashing, making up stories of atrocities on Muslims to enrage them by Teesta Setlvad types, justifying terrorist bombings as a reaction against 2002 riots by psuedo liberals fascists like Arundhati Roy or justifying Mumbai train bombing on trains as justifiable action against wealthy Gujaratis by pseudo liberals... All these promote culture of tolerance?

WOW! You can never underestimate these people and their howllowness.

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