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The brutal assassination of Pakistan's Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, this morning in Islamabad is symbolic, of the chaos to which Pakistan is heading towards.   

Mr. Bhatti, as the world knows, was a vocal critic of the controversial blasphemy law. In spite of several death threats, he stuck to his guns for the repeal of the draconian law. 

Only in January last, the Governor of Pakistan's Punjab Province Salman Taseer was assassinated by his own bodyguard, over his opposition to the blasphemy law. 

Whilst condemning this assassination, we call upon the Government and the people of Pakistan to stop the fundamental forces that seems to have taken control of Pakistan and to ensure the rights and freedom of every single citizen there. 


Fr. Cedric Prakash sj



2nd March, 2011





what is the use of condemning this PAK (holy) land and these PAK (pious) people

and what is the use of calling upon the 'Government and the people of Pakistan'

when they all are guided by the same infallible book that exhorts them to act in the manner they do?

they are the true believers of their faith and therefore abide by all its diktats and fatwas strictly.

after such barbarous acts one after the other (needless to remind of others' equally cruel acts), i wonder how anybody can believe in this sheer madness called 'religion' - this or that?

Joseph Koshy said...

Islam truly needs a messiah who re-establishes the peace within its people and extends it to the world at large. Quran is entirely misinterpreted by those who r u swearing by its name and indulging into heinous acts of brutality. the peace, purity, and submission to God are in the state of despair.
when we speak about the brotherhood and cooperation,it should be noted that world has given every chance to it to come in its purest form, even for sympathising with them we made theories that they were suppressed people and and now they are triggred and acting for revenge!!! but Suppressed, how??? u painted entire north africa and eastern europe with ur hue. u went to faraway malaysia,indonesia and somewhere between India(Bangladesh counted) and made those people change their faith. still suppressed??? i havnt ever seen someone suppressed can be this powerful.

the worst thing is they have become such intolerent that they r killing their own brothers. countries like turkey and indonesia have truly projected the tolerant side of islam and they r indeed doing great work with the progress they hav made. but change will come only when they will stop confirming to the hidden motives of the Saudi reign. a country with sword in its flag can never teach peace to its people. the centre of gravity is needed to be shifted.

what is the must of the current times is to start a central seat of Islam which spreads the true message of Islam and Quran in its entriety to its people and India can greatly help here with its small yet true preachers of Islam.

otherwise humanity will lose more shahbaz bhatti and Salaman Taseer and more assasins would come sponsered by the blind faith of cruelty and we would further enrich our vocabulary with more Taliban, Jaish-e -Mohamed, Chechen, Lashkar-E- Toiba, al-qaeda, hofstad, jamat-ud -dawa,ladens,ahmednijads ......



you are wrong dear br joseph. the followers of Islam are religiously following the Quran in words and spirit.

it is Quran that exhorts through its ayats the followers of Islam

to ELIMINATE not only the non-believers

but also the believers in other gods and other religious creeds !

Joseph koshy said...

yes, you hav a point to make me believe. afterall, i hav also several times heard this word "kafir" and truly it is the most chanted word in their conversations, God knows what it means.

...still my knowledge of Quran is nil so i cant make a cogent approval but u do make me believe in what u hav said.


this is what i would call the stupidity of the believers :

'god knows what it means?'

language is a means to express oneself and it has been evolved out of necessity and that's why it is certainly man-made and the 'kafir' is coined to fulfill that purpose.

so god, if at all he or she is there, you can not expect him/her to know the meaning of 'kafir'. only people like us - neerav, joseph, muhammad, kartar singh et al - can know its real meaning.

and everybody really knows what it means, put into practice by its believers for all these years.

Joseph Koshy said...

I am sorry but i forgot that I am replying to a Non-believer. You have every right to express your point with the rationale in which you seek refuge and where you find your confirmation.

but politely i would suggest you to read (some good) religious book, take Bhagwad Geeta or someting as per your choice, and you would find the reason why its so beatiful not to be a non-believer.

it is only a suggestion, dont take it harsh. belief will take you deeper in your search for love, truth and care, only if it has been practiced in its true spirit not something which is admired by the champion of this forum.


i think you have read the Hindu scriptures exactly like its blind believers do and interpret it exactly like the Brahmins do.

i do not expect you to be so naive not to know that this parasite Hindu clergy has a vested interest in this religion and scriptures are their best agents.

you suggest me to read
THE BHAGVAD GITA that has the following shloka :

" the four castes were emanated by me, by the different distribution of qualities and actions; know Me to be the author of them, though the actionless and inexhaustible."
( Adhyaya IV, Shloka XIII)
TR. by Annie Besant

first of all, please read any book as a book and not as a 'holy book'. apply your mind to read between the lines. you will find a lot of shit and cunning.

scriptures are written primarily to serve the interest of a particular class of people and that is the clergy and the ruling clique of the time.

better read some history, some sociology, some psychology, some literature, some philosophy et al. i am sure you will be enlightened by that knowledge rather than relying on the so-called 'bhagvad gita philosophy'.

dear mr. koshy, i know all this will offend you a great deal. and since i don't know you personally, it could provoke you more. you may be a senior citizen, may be a person of high net worth, may be a person of big social status, and what not.

and therefore i wouldn't extend this argument any further.sorry for my harsh rejoinder.

Joseph Koshy said...

actually I m Malayali by roots but i know Gujarati better then Malayali and the Geeta i read for my own interest and curiosity, not endorsed by a particular caste or community but by our very own and true follower of Dharma:Mahatma Gandhi( He was not a Brahmin), it is named ANASAKTIYOG. and i fell in love with this book which i hadnt read as a Holy book. it lead me to read another Gujarati books written by M.Gandhi and then I read his Hindu Dharm Nu Hard( Heart of Hinduism) and it further enriched my thinking. I hav also read Gita Pravachano by Vinoba Bhave and got attracted by its simplicity with profoundness

only thing I believed that Swami Vivekanand, Shri Arvind, Raman Maharshi, Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, C Rajgopalachari were more learned then me because they had reached a stage in their life where they could see the things holistically and spiritually and they all found solution to their questions in this book.

and its not following them blindly or feeling Inferior in front of their knowledge. they are just facilitators who can help us and give us right to choose

the most interesting thing is Geeta itself gives us the right to be rationale

when Arjun Speaks after listening to Krishna:
" Karishye Vachanam Tav"( i will follow what you would tell)

Krishna doesnt appreciate his blind faith and replies:

" Yathechhasi Tatha Kuru" (do what you find right not what i tell u is right)

who else can provide u a better deal to be rationale ?

one another shloka which touched me was Duryodhan's confession:

" Janami Dharmam na ch me Pravruti Janami Adharmam na ch me Nivruti" (i m such a complacent that I know what is right still i cant follow it and more so I know what is wrong still i cant retire from doing it)

you have every right to be rationale since Unlike Christianity where there is Holy book Bible Hinduism doesnt have such sanctions and it doesnt have any central Holy Book. still Geeta has been accepted by all the sects within it indifferent to the differences. and what is most interesting is that you would find millions of Hindu homes without Geeta which is totally UNFOUND in other faiths.



i know you are running a center for human rights. do you agree that every human being should have a right to free expression of his/her opinion, including right to dissent (provided of course with certain reasonable restraints)?

if so, you should not have blocked my rejoinder to mr koshy's comments. do you think gandhi and vinoba and other 'great' people can not err and can not have human frailties? i am a responsible person and what i wrote about the 'mahatma' is not a figment of my imagination but it has been written by himself in his own journals and his own canon.