Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The Sessions Court at the Sabarmati Central Jail in Ahmedabad on Tuesday  which  delivered the crucial judgement in the Godhra train fire of 2002, convicting 31 people and acquitting 63 others. ,once again has demonstrated a gross miscarriage of justice.
The verdict  which was pronounced by Additional Sessions Judge PR Patel,leaves several questions unanswered with many glaring gaps in it
The so-called "conspiracy theory" is totally hollow..Whilst the original "main conspirators" are now acquitted..a hash job is blatantly evident in an an attempt to stick to it
Above all ..what happens now to the 63 acquitted.??.Who will bring back the nine years lost in their lives? Will they be compensated by the State.???
The verdict will definitely be appealed in a Higher Court ..
Only when the FULL TRUTH of the Gujarat Carnage is brought out into the open will the cause of Justice be served
Until such time the struggle will continue
Fr Cedric Prakash
Fr. Cedric Prakash sj

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Anonymous said...

dear sir, this is in the wake of ur response on the verdict of Godhra train carnage, in which u have called it a miscarriage of justice, but i am asking u as a christian himself, why are u always spewing venom on the issues related with hindus as if they are ur foe, enemy, adversery or more so opponent. i have never seen u and even heard u in a calmer tone. the only thing comes into mind while reminding of u is an arrogant person asking everyone to be humble with him. what a contrast!!!. u should remember that u hav taken a path of justice in the name of dear Lord Jesus. how can u be such an ill-speaking person!!!. christainity condems such kind of enemity even if it is limited to our mind only. our mind is gifted only to pray dear lord Jesus and asking him to bestow us with his grace. the futile thing is that, u r telling Gujarat govt as an intolerent towards minority while u urself is an intolerent towards hindus. Atleast set an example urself first before asking someone to follow it. it is established truth that Sabarmati Express was mobbed and burnt by a huge mass of Muslims in Godhra and it was a conspiracy indeed, then why ar u still trying to put the entire blame on accident!!!, only because those who were burnt were hindus!!!, and u dont like them to the hell!!!, shame on ur humanity mission and a person calling himself messiah of human rights!!!!. why r u always defending the case of muslims as if they hav no one else to represent their case. u should not forget the crusade and the continuous battle between christainity and islam in the western part of the world. why western only, even in neighbouring pakistan there are incidents of attacks on christians and conditions in Africa is no different either. i am a govt. servant and my wife is also a govt. servant and we hav several friends who r hindus, and believe me- they r such a tolerant towards evrything that many a times they tell us to avoid discussions on such issues to avoid any conflict further. and most imporatantly, though we christians are told never to accept it, but it is also the fact that we were hindus of recent past and hindus and christians hav always lived in peace with each other. in gujarat also u would find hindus and christians living side by side in every locality while muslim always choose to live in their own groups. better change ur perspective towards the majority of this country, after all Mallika Sarabhai whom u count as ur good friend is also from the same community- r u keeping enmity with her as well?.... then why this change in attitude towards different set of people.....it is told in Holy Bible that our heart is needed to be home of love, care and humility not the one of enmity and arrogance....Ur orgnasation has a name called Prashant while there is not a hint of Shanti in u. i know that u r also aware about the truth but u r desperately trying to paste truth as falsehood!!!!!. i still dont know what r u getting out of all this!!!! heaven never accepts person with such conceit-bent mind. truth always triumphs. so if u r on a mission of humanity, better u serve the society irrespective of seeing the religion and identity of people. also remember that minority in India means Muslims only. Congress has deliberately tried to limit the status and their rewards to Muslims only. we christians are there just for the namesake.i would even request u to visit the Church in the S.T nagar in Godhra. Our Christian brother there also know the truth about train carnage. i regret if i hav caused any harm to u, but i wanted to speak to u, that's the only reason i hav written it to u.
Joseph Koshy
Niramla Koshy

Anonymous said...

truly speaking....

pranali vainkuntam


dear koshies,

everybody must agree to what you are writing that Sabarmati Express was mobbed and burnt by a huge mass of Muslims in Godhra but that fact in itself doesn't prove that 'it was a conspiracy indeed'.

and none should have any problem in agreeing to the point that it was a most heinous act. and therefore must be condemned in the severest terms and pray for harshest punishment to the culprits.

having said this, we should have equally balanced view of the godhra aftermath. those who killed innocent muslims and burnt their belongings and looted their properties are equally guilty of the horrendous crime and therefore must deserve

and you know the prime culprit is the boss of the state and his state machinery that utterly failed in protecting the lives and properties of those innocent people.

it's absolutely right to ask : now that they are proved innocent, who will give back those years they lost in confinement?

the police that arrested them on the only ground that they happened to belong to muslim community?

the judiciary that couldn't deliver justice fast?

neerav patel

joseph koshy said...

dear Neerav Patel,

i m having balanced view only because my wife is a hindu and this has made to to think into the issues from both points of view. my association with hinduism in this way has taken me deeper into the thinking as a christian and as an Indian at large. i will still recommend u to read what i hav writtn earlier. post godhra was a result of godhra. every incident has its consequences, good or bad. had Godhra not happend, there was no chance post-Godhra would have happend. every end has a beginning. u have written in great detail about innocent muslims burnt, their innocent belongings burnt, their innocent houses burnt, i appreciate ur essay on innocence. but try and more to it, start to believe that every individual is innocent till he judges others rightly and other perceives him rightly. innocence has no religion. i will further recommend u to see the DIVYA BHASKAR dated 22nd FEB, in which very much on the first( or second if i m not right) page, find an article on Bela Raval, she lost her mother-in-law in Godhra Train burning, and (to ur knowledge) her husband in post-Godhra riots. can there be a bigger blow to someone's life? and if u r a human enough and hav atleast a bit sensitivity towards Hindus,let me remind u that she is a Hindu and those died were also Hindu and yet that lady with so much to suffer pleads everyone to forget everything and move-one and she is of that opinion that those covicted in Godhra should be freed to end this entire issue. but for people like u, innnocence never occurs to Hindu!!!!!. i will tell u another thing, those muslim victims of the riots were provided huge help( monetary, rehabilitation and evrything) both from State and Central govt. there is a commission that stills helps them to get beck financially. but this commision guided by Central Govt of India, has not a single beneficiary who is a Hindu as if Hindus were no victims. i can myself tell u about what happend to a hindu victim who is a close relative of myself. his name is Dinesh Adalja and he used to run a shop of Stone grinders which are used in floor factories on a street off Relief Road. his shop was burnt in post-godhra just like numerous other shops belonging to hindus in those localities.when he went to police station to register his complaint, he was demanded bribe and his file had never been passed forward, to make that person never get any help which was given in abundance to the other community. still that person is struggling and has passed through a life of hell. if u want to help him, do tell me. but I m sure, i m telling all these to deaf ears,u all r the people who are trained or consciously try to pretend in becoming of Secularist that they can never sympathise with Hindus.( for a better view of the society start reading M J Akabar, it will greatly help u to change ur thinking. i know that u would have to put effort to believe it, since ur thinking is different then mine, but still read it atleast for time-pass.)

O Jesus!! ur world is not the same as u wanted it to be....


Joseph Koshy


dear br koshy,

it's really sad to know you are a christian, for you don't deserve to be called a christian.

i don't mean to say i expect you to endorse another christian's (fr. cedric) view as a blind fellow christian, i only expect you to be on the side of the sufferers as did Christ himself.

i will quote here your rhetoric which is alas, very similar to some saffron fanatics offer to justify the post-Godhra killings:

'post Godhra was a result of Godhra. every incident has its consequences, good or bad. had Godhra not happened, there was no chance post-Godhra would have happened.'

on that caution and fore-knowledge then, we can expect the State could have acted much more efficiently to minimize the damage, but only if had that solid intention to maintain law and order in that fateful aftermath!

to extend your logic, it can be inferred that the State too wanted to inflict in retaliation, as if in 'tit for tat' forgetting its constitutional obligation of protecting lives and property of its innocent citizens. here there is no question of Hindu or Muslim.

and now that the verdict announces that it was a pre-planned conspiracy, don't you think it again was a failure of the all-powerful State or willful inaction of its intelligence gathering machinery that didn't or couldn't stop the killings of those innocent Karsevaks?

if that had happened, there would have been no Godhra and therefore no post-Ggodhra, to use your argument, right Mr Koshy?

and for your knowledge, i am not Christian or Muslim or Hindu.

Joseph Koshy said...

i have heard about this shloka from the holy vedas which Mahatma Gandhi always used to say:

truth is as beautiful as god and it
is the shapeless form of God( NIRAKAR)

i wholeheartedly endorse ur views and believe me, i reacted to ur views and not the person urself. its sad that i would not seem Christian to u, that can be ur opinion but it doesnt deviate me from my faith. it may be happening becuse of a different set of thoughts i m expressing as a Christian but i hav never believed in 'tit for tat' theory, only thing i was suggesting that any suffering happening to anybody caused by anybody is a sin and Narendra Modi is no different as also the acquitted moulvi and those who ventured into bloodbath aftermath. because deep into their own conscience they do know that they hav done wrong and gone against humanity. and above all God is not playing hide n seek with them as if they will go scot-free. they will be punished for their wrongdoing. only thing left for, we, the rest of the people is to pray for the sufferers and do keep faith in the judiciary and leave the rest to the God as he never deviates from his duty.

at last, i would like to talk about this beautiful bhajan which i hav heard......

the bhajan is ...

Sawariya mann bhaya re..

in between this bhajan these beautiful lines are sung....

Kahu me Ahmed Kahu me Isa
Kahu me Ram Kahaya re....( God is asking in pain .... why m i being called Mohammed or Jesus or Ram, i m the one only then, why r u fighting with each other taking different names??)

it is a beautiful bhajan sung by Jagjit singh , u can get it from beemp3



dear br joseph koshy,

i am so happy to read your mail. it sounds so loving and caring.

i retract my words - branding you as not being true christian - if you are hurt; i got impulsive unnecessarily.

being a little bit of a poet myself, i am moved by the bhajan you quoted. i don't have MP3 but i will definitely listen to that bhajan some day.

i can understand about the different sets of perception and even after our dissent, i find you a much more humane than many others.

neerav patel