Friday, December 31, 2010


Dear ALL,

Christmas blessings of  PEACE,LOVE,JUSTICE,HOPE,GOODWILL and JOY be with you and your loved ones all through the NEW YEAR 2011!

The accompanying picture is rich with meaning:

The traditional nativity scene is ensconced on a PIPAL LEAF.This leaf and the tree on which it grows is sacred and special  to most  Indic religions and traditions;  impressions of it have also been found in the Indus Valley Civilization several centuries ago. It symbolises peace and enlightenment. Its medicinal properties are well-known. When  dried, the leaf  is transformed into a most intricate web-like design-radiating the wealth and beauty of nature.

Providing the backdrop is another exquisite piece: the stone trellis of a window from the Siddi Saiyyid Mosque in Ahmedabad. It symbolizes  the TREE OF LIFE - expressing how all of us are connected to one other. It was made almost five hundred years ago by a master craftsman. Today, as Ahmedabad celebrates 600 years of its existence, this masterpiece (a part of our heritage) could provide a meaningful lesson to all of us.

For those who have sent us greetings we warmly reciprocate them.
Thank you for accompanying us this past year...
Do continue to do so in the year to come.
Let us pray and hope that for all the year 2011 will be a GRACE-FILLED YEAR in which human rights, justice and peace will flourish.
Fr Cedric Prakash
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